New Australian Pet Subscription Box for Birds & Parrots

The Birdie Bundle - Australian Monthly Subscription Box for Birds

Birdie Bundles is the first Australian pet subscription box which is dedicated to birds and parrot owners.  While you might find a couple of places overseas that also offer bird subscription boxes, they do not ship internationally.  Birdie Bundles aims to bring you great value for money every month by sourcing the best quality bird supplies, products and bird toys that shipped to your door.

The benefits of signing up to a Birdie Bundle are the continued improvement to your parrots nutrition and enrichment along with some fun novelty items for bird owners.  Each Birdie Bundle will contain a variety of 3-8 goods which may include:

  • Pellets
  • Seeds & sprouted seeds
  • Treats
  • Training tools
  • Shreadable bird toys
  • Hanging bit toys
  • Acrylic bird toys
  • Foraging bird toys
  • Novelty bird related items
  • Bird medicine & supplements

Birdie Bundles strongly believes in the continued improvement of nutrition and enrichment for all birds not matter what the size.  Over the years of us owning birds, we have had numerous owners contact us regarding behavior and health problems of their parrots such as their bird is constantly screaming or suffers from feather plucking.  While there may be other underlying problems, often by providing a good quality diet and increasing the level of enrichment your parrots receive, a number of common problems can be improved upon.

We are always on the hunt for new and unique products to make sure that each monthly Birdie Bundle is an exciting delivery for both you and your fids (feathered kids!).  We always welcome requests for items to be included in upcoming boxes and if your birds like a certain product that is included in a box, check out our Shop to purchase more. Its important

So if the idea of receiving a surprise box of quality bird products and bird toys every month appeals to you, sign up today to receive a monthly Birdie Bundle.


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