Bird Toys

Large Hanging Arch Bird Toy - Natural Wood

Every bird and parrot owner wants to offer the very best environment for their feathered kids (fids). By offering a variety of bird toys for your birds to enjoy, you not only provide parrot enrichment, but also encourage healthy bird habits. There is a huge range of bird toys available out there so how do you know what bird toys are safe for your birds?

The number one thing to remember that natural bird toys are the safest bird toys you can offer your parrots. Make sure that any toys you offer your birds are:

  • Dyed using vegetable dye
  • Only uses tanned vegetable leather
  • Made from bird safe wood
  • Uses Sisal rope
  • Uses bird safe metals that are nickel plated or stainless steel

We recommend never giving your birds toys or sleeping huts that contain cloth fibers or rope.  Birds can get their feet/legs/beaks caught up in loose fibers which is dangerous.  There have also been too many sad cases of people who have lost their birds due to them digesting cotton fibers that then cause a blockage in their birds stomach.

Here at Birdie Bundles we offer a range of safe bird toys and are always on the hunt for new and exciting products for you and your birds to enjoy!

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