Frequently Asked Questions

About the Boxes

What is a Birdie Bundle?
A Birdie Bundle is a surprise gift box that is delivered monthly for you and your feathered friends to enjoy!  We are an Australian Bird Subscription Box and we aim to help enrich your birds lives further by including at least one brand new toy per month along with a selection of treats, supplements and more.   Each box includes 3-8 products each sourced from around the world.
What size box should I choose?

Suggested box size:

  • Small – Cockatiels, Conures, Indian Ringnecks, Quakers
  • Medium – Galahs, Eclectus, Amazons
  • Large – Cockatoos, Macaws
Birdie Bundles and Toy Boxes are dispatched in the last week of each month.  If you signed up to receive a Birdie Bundle before the 7th day of the month, you will receive a Birdie Bundle  that month.  If you order after the 7th of the month, your Birdie Bundle will be delivered the following month.
Why doesn't my Medium/Large Birdie Bundle include the same number of products as the smaller boxes?
Please be aware that if you order a Birdie Bundle to suit larger parrots, the boxes you receive may not have as many products as the small boxes but the monetary value will be the same. Instead, you will be receiving larger bird toys and products that are more suitable for large parrots.
I have an an awesome product/idea that would be great for Birdie Bundles!
We are always on the search for new and exciting products to include in our Birdie Bundles.  If you have a product or special discount you wish to have included in a Birdie Bundle box, please shoot us an email at [email protected], we would love to hear from you!!!


Where do you deliver?
We deliver our bundles Australia wide. Unfortunately we do not ship overseas as of yet.
How much is shipping?

Shipping for your Birdie Bundle is free!

Accounts & Billing

What payment options do you accept?
At this stage, we accept payments through PayPal only.  You are able to pay via your credit card or debit card using PayPal and have piece of mind that your payment is safe and secure with your details being protected by PayPal’s security.

When will I be billed for my subscription?
Your first payment for your subscription will be processed on the day you join Birdie Bundles.  All future recurring payments are process monthly thereafter.
How can I cancel my subscription or suspend to Birdie Bundle?
You can cancel or suspend (put on hold) your subscription to Birdie Bundles at any time.  Simply log into your account on Birdie Bundles and choose to suspend or cancel your subscription.  The current months order that has already been paid for will not be cancelled or refunded but there will be no future automatic transactions or purchases put onto your account.
How do I get my Birdie Bundle if it has been delivered to the old/incorrectly provided address?
You can contact us at to arrange for the re-deliver of your Birdie Bundle to the correct address if the error is by Birdie Bundles.  Please be aware that if the reason that you did not receive your parcel is because of address that have been entered incorrectly , addresses that are not updated before we collect our shipment list or if you fail to pick up your Birdie Bundle from your local post office following attempted delivery, you will be required to pay the monthly subscription fee again.
I just wanted one Birdie Bundle box - why have I been charged again?
Birdie Bundles is an ongoing subscription service, much like a magazine subscription. As such, we do not have the option of purchasing just one box – when you sign up as a Birdie Bundles member, you agree to the setup of a recurring payment profile, which is set to deduct future membership fees on the first of the month for that month’s box without you having to manually do anything. This will continue unless you decide to cancel.

If you wish to continue with your subscription to Birdie Bundles but don’t wish to receive a box every month, you are able to put your subscription On Hold (suspend) until you are ready to receive another box.  This may be a more suitable solution if you don’t wish to receive a box every month.

How do I change my address?
Your account details, including your shipping address, can be changed at any time by logging into your Birdie Bundles account via It’s very important to keep these details up to date as best as possible. We cannot take responsibility for returned parcels where addresses have been entered incorrectly, addresses that are not updated before we collect our shipment list or if you fail to pick up your Birdie Bundle from your local post office following attempted delivery.