So it has begun…

Birdie Bundles - Australian Bird Subscription Box of bird toys and bird supplies

I had a crazy idea that my core family and friends didn’t quite understand but they believed in me anyway.  The seed was planted and it sat dormant for a time while I thought a little bit more about the logistics of it all.  I decided to bite the bullet and move full steam ahead and with that… Birdie Bundles was born.  And my family still don’t quite know what I’m working on… 🙂

I aim to offer an affordable monthly subscription box plan for bird owners that will include a variety of bird related products including toys, treats, food, supplements and more.  There will be no hidden costs and you will be able to cancel at any time.  There will simply be a monthly cost for the box and that’s it.  Which must mean… FREE SHIPPING! I know I get excited when I see free shipping so I hope you do too!

Stay tuned and I hope to see you sign up to receive our wonderful monthly Bird Toy Box or Birdie Bundles Box.

All the best,

Amy – Birdie Bundles

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